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In Progress
Multi Channel Providers Configuration
Global Channel Preferences for Subscribers
React-email and Maizzle integrations
Translation Management
Fetch Data Step Type
2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Project Abstraction under Organization
Flutter SDK
Prometheus integration
Topic Management in the UI
Web Push Provider
In-app Notification Toasts
Client SDK for device token management
Multi organization support
Slack template blocks
SNS for Push integration
Datadog Integration
Idempotency - Only once delivery guarantee
Deliverability prediction for e-mail
Broadcast to segment of subscribers
Airship Integration
Analytics Dashboard
AWS Marketplace Integration
Live Chat functionality
Slack Bot Support
GCP Marketplace integration
Sound notifications - Notification Center
Azure Cloud Marketplace
React Native - Notification Center SDK
Unity Game Engine SDK
Data Push Messages
Opt-out predication for channels
Media support in Push
Timezone aware delivery
GEO specific triggers
Do not disturb mode
Decision Trees
Provider fallback engine
Advanced routing engine - provider optimization
Prioritized notification delivery
Delivery Rates for Providers
Topic Insights
Single Sign On (SSO)
User Roles and Permissions
Zappier - Integrations - Roadmap
Integrations - Airtable - Roadmap
A/B testing for templates
Push delivery insights - Roadmap
Dynamic template blocks
Manage subscribers from the UI
Migration tool
Webhook Provider for legacy clients (client-specific provider)
Email visual editor - WYSIWYG
Multiworkflow Digest
Android Headless SDK
Swift Headless SDK